Patio and Hearth Shop in Rocky Mount, NC carries a variety of outdoor furniture and appliances. We believe that time spent outdoors is time well spent. Because of this philosophy, we offer a wide variety of outdoor furniture, gas grills, fire pits, and statues, to enhance your outdoor space. We also have two other locations in Roanoke Rapids and Greenville, NC.

Now that winter is upon us, it’s time to light up that fire pit in the backyard. The wonderful thing about fire pits is that you can enjoy the outdoors while still keeping yourself warm and cozy. Flame up some s’mores and get comfy by the fire with your friends and family!

While using your fire pit, you’ll want to make sure to follow some safety procedures so that your time is both fun and accident-free. Here are some fire pit safety tips to help you out:

  • Never leave your fire pit unattended. Once your done using it, be sure to put your fire out completely.
  • If young children are present around the pit, be sure to pay close attention to them. Do not let them get too close to the flame.
  • Set up your fire pit at a safe distance (at least 10-25 feet) from your home, any outdoor buildings, as well as any trees in your yard. Also, never use a fire pit indoors or in a covered area. Make sure there is nothing around it that could easily catch flame, such as dry leaves or wood.
  • When it gets particularly windy, forgo using your fire pit until the wind dies down.
  • Place your fire pit on level ground and then surround it with rocks or sand to prevent any fire from spreading.

When in Rocky Mount, NC, come see us at Patio and Hearth Shop to get all your fire pit needs fulfilled.