At Patio and Hearth Shop in Greenville, Roanoke Rapids, and Rocky Mount, NC, we want to supply all of your outdoor furniture needs. According to NBC News, fire pit injuries are on the rise. So we wanted to provide our customers with some fire pit safety tips to make your fire pit experience both fun and safe:

  • 25% of all fire pit burn victims are under the age of 5. So, if you have a small child present, be sure to alert them that the fire pit is lit and to stay back. Also, be sure to monitor small children and pets at all times.
  • Be sure to properly extinguish all fires. Also, be aware that even after a fire is out, the fire pit remains hot for a while.
  • Purchase a fire pit screen to prevent children and pets from accidentally touching an open flame. These screens also help to prevent accidental fires.
  • Only burn seasoned wood. Don’t burn construction materials that could emit toxic fumes, and don’t use gasoline or lighter fluid in your fire pit.

For all of your fire pit needs, contact us at Patio and Hearth Shop. We hope you enjoy your fire pit experience and remember: always be safe!