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Thanksgiving and Christmas is now behind us and winter has come, it’s time to start preparing your outdoor area for the cold weather. Although that means that you probably won’t be spending as much time outdoors as you do the rest of the year, you still want to be sure to protect your outdoor furniture during the winter months so that it’s there for you to use and enjoy when springtime arrives.

Metal furniture can rust during the cold season due to melted snow and ice. For aluminum furniture, you can add automotive wax for an extra protective layer. Wrought iron furniture can be covered with spray paint made specifically for wrought iron. Before you do this, be sure to use a wire brush to remove any rust. Once you’re finished, cover the furniture with a tarp.

Seat cushions and outdoor pillows will need to be removed from your outdoor furniture and kept indoors in a dry area. Utilize storage rooms, garages, or attics to store the pillows in. This trick will keep them from getting mildew.

For outdoor wicker furniture, be sure to store it indoors for the winter. However, if your wicker furniture is made of synthetic materials and not natural rattan, it should be fine to stay outside during the winter.

Keeping your outdoor spaces clean and beautified is good for the environment and keeps your home looking attractive. For all of your outdoor furniture needs in Rocky Mount, NC, come to see us at Patio and Hearth Shop.