Summer may be over but creating your dream patio with Outdoor Furniture in Greenville, NC, shouldn’t have to be. There is always more you can do and pieces you can add to make it a perfect hang out space, all year long. With that in mind, here are 3 ways to do it.

1. Add Some Fire

Outdoor Furniture Greenville NC


The weather is getting colder, so why not add some heat? Try adding a grill or even a fire pit.

With a grill you can add some more flavor to your favorite fall foods. Try the taste of grill roasted vegetables and even try making pies on the grill. For more ideas on what grilling can bring to your fall recipes, check out this blog post.

In addition, adding a fire pit or even an outdoor fireplace  can create a great gathering place to have drinks or even make s’mores all year long. There’s nothing like sitting around a fire with a bunch of friends and just having fun. That doesn’t have to stop just because leaves are changing.

2. Don’t Let the Rain Get You Down

Worried about autumn storms? Add covering to your patio and even invest in some outdoor umbrellas to keep the party going, even when there are rain clouds approaching. Creating awning and covering also opens you up to creating interesting lighting through your outdoor patio space. Imagine hanging string lights or adding solar lights. You could even drape them around statuaries. It will make you outdoor area even more magical.

3. Create an Amazing Sitting Area

Outdoor Furniture Greenville NC

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The most important part of having an outdoor space, is using outdoor furniture to make a great place for you to hang out. It’s about more than creating something other than your house, but a space to be comfortable. Do that with comfortable but functional couches and ottomans, dining sets and much more. Whatever furniture you choose, it should fit your home’s style.

Want to Get Started?

Whether you want a quiet sanctuary from the chaos of life or great place to throw a party, the Patio and Hearth Shop can help you upgrade your outdoor area into a well-designed patio you’ll retreat to again and again. If you’re ready to get started making those fall memories, contact us at  252-756-1345 to schedule a showroom tour.