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Your mother and grandmothers, and their mothers before them probably spoke the words, “don’t play with fire.” When it comes to choosing the perfect gas log or fire pit to accompany your Greenville Outdoor Furniture, however, our fires become less of a risk. At Daughtridge Patio & Hearth, we provide patio furniture such as tables, seats, and outside decor in addition to an abundance of fire places and hearths. These fireplaces include gas logs, fire pits, and table chat pits for your outdoor living arrangements. Because we carry such an abundance of fire options, we thought to give you a brief lesson on them.

Daughtridge Greenville Outdoor Furniture Presents…

Fire Pits
College students live by fire pits come Fall, and there is a
reason why. They provide a warm and welcoming way to bring people together. Between s’mores, hotdogs, and whatever else you fire up, your firepit will be ready to go! Kids love them. Teens appreciate them. You simply cannot go wrong! Oh and yes, that is a grill you see in the picture. Have you fallen in love with fire pits yet? Maybe it is time to do something about it…

Table Chat Pits
We have to be honest with you. Candles and flowers can be a little
cliche for decoration. Rather than light up your night the regular way, invest in a table chat pit! It is a cozy and comfortable way to reimagine table centerpieces. If you really want the candlelit look, browse our outdoor accessories for torch top lanterns. Either way, dinner for two in your backyard never sounded more appealing.

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