Greenville Outdoor Furniture Products & Brands

The items below represent only a small sampling of the products we have to offer. Visit our Greenville Outdoor Furniture showroom to learn more or click any image for more information directly from the product vendor. 











Summer Classics

Wicker Resin









Lloyd Flanders

Lloyd Loom



Woven Vinyl






OW Lee

Wrought Iron & Steel



Wrought Aluminum



Tables, Tops, & Bases




Deep Seat Cushion



MGP Sling













Coastal Tete-A-Tete





About Your Choice 

When you choose patio furniture for your outdoor living, you are choosing to expand your everyday way of life. You are acknowledging that there is more to life than lounging on the couch in front of a television. Indeed, you would rather embrace the great outdoors the best way you know how–with friends, family, and seasonal entertainment. With Daughtridge Patio & Hearth, you are choosing Greenville Outdoor Furniture that was made and designed to bring you comfort, peace, and freedom. Because no backyard is the same as another’s, we have 5 Designer Collections for you to choose from. They feature tables, chairs, accessories, and more for your backyard area. With our Greenville outdoor furniture, you can bring the indoors outdoors, the outdoors indoors, or whatever you so desire to do.

What is a backyard sanctuary without the added selection of a grill or fireplace? Daughtridge Gas & Oil additionally provides you a way to stay fed in the summer and stay warm in the winter. Now you have these, you can sit back and relax in your little piece of nature, in your corner of solitude. It is your choice, really.

For additional Greenville outdoor furniture and products, do not limit yourself to our online display. Be sure to visit our showroom in Greenville to let your inner designer come out. No matter what you decide to buy, you are choosing materials and objects that are about to last with you. Come rain or sunshine, your wrought aluminum and wrought iron or wicker patio furniture is ready to greet you.

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