At Patio and Hearth Shop in Greenville, NC and Rocky Mount, NC, we believe that time spent outdoors is time well spent. That’s why we make it our mission to provide our customers with quality, affordable outdoor furniture and accessories. So, be sure to stop by and see us at our showroom in Greenville, NC.

While we have a wonderful, wide selection of outdoor furniture, we don’t want you to forget that we also have a great selection of outdoor accessories as well! These accessories help to brighten up any outdoor space and make it feel like home, while adding your own personal touch and style.

Among our outdoor accessories, we are proud to offer pieces from the Orlandi Statuary. Our statuary features pieces from the 1911 Orlandi Statuary, which originated in Lucca, Italy! These pieces will add a touch of timeless style to any outdoor space like a flower bed, front porch, or back yard. 

We also offer a wide selection of outdoor rugs and umbrellas. These are made from materials especially catered to outdoor spaces. Not only will they add color and comfort to your outdoor spaces, they can also help to protect your outdoor furniture and your deck from the harsh sunlight.

In addition, we also have a beautiful selection of outdoor pillows. Like our outdoor rugs, these pillows are made especially for use in outdoor spaces. Pillows can be added to any of your outdoor furniture for style and comfort. 

Make your outdoor space feel like home with our breathtaking array of outdoor accessories! Be sure to come see us at Patio and Hearth Shop in Rocky Mount, NC.