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In our last blog post, we wrote about ways to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather we were experiencing in December. However, now that January has hit, we are seeing cooler temperatures and even a possibility of snow in the near future– it’s finally starting to feel like it’s actually winter. 

While the 3 other seasons often get more hype than winter, we think winter is a beautiful time of year. In fact, you should get outdoors and soak up the beauty of this winter weather. Don’t let the cold temps force you indoors. 

With the snow in the forecast, this weekend is the perfect time to get outdoors and soak up the winter weather. You can go sledding if you live in a hilly area, or you can build a snowman in your backyard. Just be sure to wear plenty of layers so that you can stay warm while you’re outside in the snow.

If it’s cold outside, but you still want to go outdoors, fire up your fire pit and get warm and toasty while taking in the crisp air of winter time. Before long, with the warmth of your fire pit, you’ll forget that it’s cold outside.

With a space heater and some cozy clothes, you can sit out on your screened-in porch and read a book while you watch the snow fall this weekend. 

Wintertime is underrated in our opinion. So, don’t let the cold weather force you indoors. Get out there and soak up the beauty of this time of year. Come to see us for all of your outdoor furniture needs at Patio and Hearth Shop in Greenville, NC.