Patio and Hearth Shop in Rocky Mount, NC will up your patio or backyard game to the next level.
Who says you can’t grill in the Autumn and Winter months? At Patio and Hearth Shop, we want you
to enjoy the fullest experience of your outdoor space at home, throughout the entire year.

Gas grills are the most popular grills for many households these days. Whether it’s liquid propane
or natural gas grills, mobile or immobile, the benefits are similar. The quick ignition and easy,
convenient flame adjustments can make these grills simple to use for even the most amateur griller.
And for those with picky eating habits, propane grills have a cleaner flavor than other types of grills.

Charcoal grills will not only give you the sear you need on your steak, but deliver that smokey flavor
you find at the best bbq restaurants. Whether you choose a smoker designed for low flame and high smoke,
or a more traditional charcoal grill, you will be sure to have incredible results. Because it takes time for
the charcoal to heat properly and with the absence of controls, charcoal grills are often for the more experienced
griller. If you want to relax and take your time making your meal over a flame, these grills are right for you.

For people who want the experience of a grill without the clean up of charcoal and extra expense of propane tanks,
the electric grill may be just what you’re looking for. Get the sear without the smoke or the flame. Electric grills
are the go-to option for those who live in apartments. The easy mobility along with the no fuss assembly and
clean up lets you worry less about the cooking and spend more time with the people you love.

If you’re in the market for a new grill, come take a look at what we have to offer. Patio Hearth Shop, your doorway
to outdoor living.