Patio and Hearth Shop in Rocky Mount, NC carries a variety of outdoor furniture and appliances. We believe that time spent outdoors is time well spent. Because of this philosophy, we offer a wide variety of outdoor furniture, gas grills, fire pits, and statues, to enhance your outdoor space. We also have two other locations in Roanoke Rapids and Greenville, NC.

Summer is the perfect time of year to soak up the sun. While you’re enjoying the great outdoors and the warm weather, it’s important to protect yourself from the harmful effects of harsh rays.

Sunscreen is essential when you plan on spending time outdoors. Even in the fall and winter months, it’s still a good practice to wear sunscreen daily. Limit your time in direct sunlight to a few hours, and if you feel that you are getting burnt, go indoors immediately. Also, try to spend your time outdoors during the summer in the morning and evening when the sunlight and heat are more manageable.

Whether you’re gardening or hiking, reading a book or mowing the lawn, be sure to cover up as much as you can. Hats are a great way to shield your face from the sun and also keep your head cool. Quick-dry clothing can keep your skin protected while also helping to wick away sweat and heat from your body.

If you’re sitting outdoors enjoying a meal or a good book, a patio umbrella is another great way to get some shade, keeping yourself cool and safe. At Patio and Hearth Shop in Rocky Mount, NC, we offer a number of outdoor furniture options, including a wide variety of patio umbrellas.