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While your outdoor furniture is made specifically for outdoor use, it is sure to show signs of wear and tear over time. Between sunshine, rain, wind, snow, ice, and pollen…just to name a few…there are a lot of elements that it’s trying to withstand. While you can’t control the weather, you can slow down the wear and tear on your outdoor furniture so that it lasts longer.

Choose Durable Outdoor Furniture

Generally, wrought iron is the most durable type of outdoor furniture. However, it does have its downsides, as it is heavy and bulky to move, and it can rust as well. With that said, if you’re looking for outdoor furniture to stand the test of time, wrought iron is your best bet. 

Wrought iron typically takes a bit more maintenance than other types of outdoor furniture. So, you’ll want to clean it with soap and water on a regular basis. Also, most wrought iron is painted, so the paint will eventually begin to chip, and your furniture will need to be repainted from time to time. The paint also works to protect the furniture from rusting.

General Outdoor Furniture Protection

  • Use furniture covers to protect your outdoor furniture from the elements, especially the harsh rays of the sun.
  • If you’re able to, store your outdoor furniture during the winter months to protect it from snow and ice.
  • Use placemats and coasters to protect your outdoor furniture when you’re dining outside.
  • Be sure to clean your outdoor dining furniture thoroughly after you eat on it.
  • Use seat cushions to protect your outdoor chairs. Most seat cushions you can wash and/or clean to keep them looking nice.
  • Rinse your outdoor furniture with a garden hose regularly and then let it air dry in the sun afterwards.

Preventing Sun Damage

When it comes to any type of outdoor furniture, you can help prevent fading, cracking, etc. by working to prevent sun damage. These steps can help:

  • If possible, place your outdoor furniture in a shaded area to cut down on exposure to sunlight.
  • Use outdoor umbrellas to create shade in areas where there is no natural shade.
  • Place furniture covers over your outdoor furniture when it’s not in use.
  • Avoid sitting your grill and propane tank in direct sunlight.
  • You can purchase products (sprays, stains, oils) to apply to your outdoor furniture to help protect it against the elements.
  • If you have the space, store your outdoor furniture inside in the winter to cut down on sun exposure, frost, ice, snow, etc.
  • Add cushions and pillows to your outdoor furniture to limit its sun exposure.

Protecting Outdoor Furniture from the Rain

Truworth Homes recommends these steps to keep your furniture safe during a storm:

  • As a preventative method, you can apply water repellent to your outdoor furniture before it ever rains. That way, when that wet weather hits, your furniture will already be protected from the elements. These sprays can be used for any furniture that has fabric, such as patio chairs and outdoor couch cushions.
  • You can also invest in some furniture covers to keep your outdoor furniture dry and protected from the rain.
  • If you own any wooden outdoor furniture, you can cover it with water sealant to protect it from getting damaged by wet weather.
  • Keep an eye on the forecast so you can protect your outdoor furniture before wet weather hits. You can move furniture to a covered porch or garage, or you can follow any of the above steps to protect furniture that is left out in the rain.

Outdoor Furniture in the Winter

If you don’t plan to use your outdoor furniture for a period of time, such as during winter, you can place it in storage for extra protection from the elements. This is, of course, easier to do with smaller pieces of outdoor furniture. If the furniture is too big or heavy to move, you can help to protect it with furniture covers.

If you have metal furniture, protect it from the rust that can be caused by melted snow and ice. For aluminum furniture, you can add automotive wax for an extra protective layer. Wrought iron furniture can be covered with spray paint made specifically for wrought iron. Before you do this, be sure to use a wire brush to remove any rust. Once you’re finished, cover the furniture with a tarp.

Remove seat cushions and pillows from your outdoor furniture and keep them somewhere indoors, like your garage or attic, to keep them from getting mildew.

If you have any wicker outdoor furniture, be sure to store it indoors for the winter. However, if your wicker furniture is made of synthetic materials and not natural rattan, it should be fine to stay outside during the winter.

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