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It’s that time of year when the wintry weather starts to hit North Carolina. In fact, much of NC is covered in snow right at this moment from a snow storm earlier this week.
While the snow is pretty, it can be dangerous when you are trying to walk outside. You will want to remove snow from your deck, patio, stairs, and walkway as soon as you can to prevent injuries to yourself and your loved ones.
If you have any icicles hanging from your roof or outdoor ledges, use a broom or shovel to remove them so they don’t fall on anyone as they walk by. Just be sure to stand clear as you knock them down.
When it comes to your desk, you want to use a broom to remove lighter snow from the deck. If you need to use a shovel, don’t use a metal one because it can scratch your deck’s surface. If you have ice on your deck, you can use ice-removing products, but make sure that they are safe for the materials on your deck.
When it comes to your concrete walkway or sidewalk, you want to shovel the snow as soon as you can so it doesn’t freeze and harden. Once you have done so, you can apply salt or sand to the area to provide traction and prevent slipping and falling. The same procedures can be used to remove snow from your outdoor stairs.
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